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What to Expect

Get Ready for your First Visit to Ray's

ALL RIDERS UNDER THE AGE OF 18: A parent MUST be present at the park to sign our waiver. If you or your rider will not be accompanied by a parent click here to view and sign our Online Waiver. It is highly recommend parents come with their children each and every visit.

You will find people of all ages and abilities riding at the park.
We have a very unique atmosphere and everyone is after the same goal. Have fun and leave in one piece.   There is plenty of support from other riders and the staff. If you have any concerns with the park or its features, ask the front desk, they are there to help you!

What kind of bike do I need?
While the park was originally designed for mountain bikes, the different sections of park cater to all styles of riding. You will see mostly mountain bikes, BMX bikes, and dirt jumpers here at the park. We do offer rental bikes , but if it is your first visit, it is always best to ride a bike you are familiar with. For this reason, we always recommend bringing your own bike. Our rental bikes are specifically designed and built for the park and it’s features.

Helmets are mandatory for all riders.
If do not have a helmet we do have them for sale, but we DO NOT offer rental helmets. The most important piece of protection is your helmet. Don’t try to save money on safety equipment, it may save you from injury.

Wear flat sole shoes.
Ones that have a flexible sole is best but not required. This enables your foot to remain on the pedal while maneuvering through some of the terrain. We would not suggest dress shoes, work boots, sandals or any open toe shoe.

Long pants and long sleeve shirt are recommended but not mandatory.
You will warm up very quickly so wear some layers. Most riders are typically wearing a t-shirt and jeans. Bring a sweatshirt to put on while you are resting. The temperature is a bit cool inside.

Bring an assortment of basic tools.
Make up a basic bag with tools: Screwdriver, tubes, tire levers, multi-tool, sockets, ratchets, adjustable wrench, pliers, chain tool. The courses in the park can rattle some parts loose on your bike. We are not a full service bike shop and do not have full-time mechanics. We only stock emergency items and boutique upgrade parts in our shop. The chances of having a specific part for your bike is slim. We will help you in any way to remedy the situation. But if the bike comes behind the counter for our employees to work on, there will be a service fee.

There are several different levels of riding difficulty.
From the very beginner rider to the advanced professional, we have it all. There are directional trails that are flat and easy with a mix of natural features. You will not come across any mandatory gaps here at the park. If you are unsure about any feature at the park, simply dismount and walk your bike to where you feel comfortable. There is nothing wrong with walking your bike. Just a couple of laps and you will feel comfortable enough to tackle some of the more difficult features.

All trails will be directional.
There are maps and signage throughout the park, and the direction of flow is clearly marked. For everyone’s safety, please do not ride trails backwards.

Can I ride my E-bike at Ray’s?
Only Class 1 e-bikes are permitted at the park. Bikes considered class 1 are pedal assist only. Class 2 and 3 e-bikes, or any bike operated with a throttle will not be permitted.

If this is your first visit to the park, give us a call!
There are many answers to your questions on the pages of this site but if you still have questions, PLEASE call the park during normal business hours and speak to an employee. Your friends may have the best intentions by informing you of what they know about us but the best way is to ask us directly so you don’t arrive unprepared.

Still Have Questions? Give us a call