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Children's Rules

Policies For Children Riding At Ray’s

Ray’s does not allow bicycles with training wheels, Strider, Kick, Balance or Run style bikes.

We do not have age restrictions for riding here at the park. We only have an ability restriction for riders. A rider must be able to control a bicycle (without training wheels and no balance, kick or run style bikes) in tight areas with traffic. They must be able to comprehend signage and follow traffic rules and adhere to basic etiquette.

Children 8 years of age or younger must be accompanied by an adult that is riding with them at all times. One adult per child.

We will not allow infants to ride along with parents/adults/riders in carriers of any sort including trailers, back packs or any sort of multiple person set ups.

Ray’s Indoor Bike Park encourages riders of all ages to ride at our park and continues to offer a variety of skills areas and bike rentals to accommodate a wide range of rider ability levels. We strive to provide a fun and safe environment for a wide variety of bicycle riders.

Ray’s Indoor Bike Park is designed for the adult cycling enthusiast and was not designed to accommodate large groups of children. We are very different from other types of entertainment party venues that feature inflatable castles or ball pits.  Ray’s is built out of concrete, wood and nails, and involves a certain amount of risk.

Birthday Parties

In an effort to create a fun and safe environment for our customers, Ray’s Indoor Bike Park does not encourage children’s birthday parties.  It is simply too dangerous to have groups of unaccompanied children riding the park. Any questions regarding children’s birthday parties should be directed to the park manager. There are some options and suggestions depending on your situation that the manager can offer to you.

Ray’s Indoor Bike Park Staff can and will deny entry if they feel customer safety or overall park enjoyment is at risk.