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Bike Rentals

Rent a Bike at Ray's Indoor Bike Park

Rays Indoor Bike Park is proud to offer a fleet of custom Trek and Kink BMX Rentals.

Rental bikes are available for $25.00 when purchased at the time of arrival (see below for reservation pricing)

Our rental bikes are a great way to get the most out of your visit here at the park.

  • Rental bike prices are separate from the cost of admission.
  • Rental bike prices are good for the duration of your daily visit.
  • Rental bikes can only be rented per day. We do not offer any multi-day packages for rentals.
  • We have a limited quantity of bikes. Without making a reservation, we cannot guarantee the availability of any bike.

We take our Rental Bikes very seriously and want you to have the best experience possible while riding here at Ray’s. We take great care and expense to keep these bikes in top shape. Any rider that purposely damages our bikes will be asked to leave the park and no refund of any kind will be issued.

  • Rental Bikes are not permitted in the foam pit or the Resi Box area at ANY time.
  • We do not allow customers to make any adjustments or remove/replace any parts of the bike. Doing so will forfeit your rental for the day.
  • Clipless pedals are not allowed on our Rental Bikes.
  • Adults are not permitted to ride any of our children’s rental bikes at any time.
  • A helmet MUST be worn when riding a Rental Bike, no exceptions.

Call Ahead to Reserve a Rental Bike

While not required, it is always encouraged to reserve a bike, especially when visiting on weekends. This will guarantee you get the bike of your choice. Give us a call at least 24 hours before your arrival and reserve a rental bike at an additional cost ($30.00 total). 

We only take rental reservations over the phone, Give Us A Call and we will be happy to set you up.

Reservations for bikes can NOT be made for 2:00pm or later on weekends. 

We do not take payment for the reservation over the phone. We will ask for the time of your arrival (it is no problem to arrive early, but if you are running late for your reservation, please give us a call and let us know what time you will be at the park). Without a call, reservations cannot be held past your stated time.

We require a name to be assigned to each bike reserved. The name on the reservation will be financially responsible for each reserved bike upon arrival.

Mountain Bikes

Trek Roscoe 8

29" Wheel

Equipped with a dropper seatpost

Available sizes XS - XL

Trek Ticket Dirt Jumper

26" Wheel
Single Speed
A middle ground between BMX and MTB
One size only (Large)

BMX Bikes

Kink BMX Whip XL 20"

21" Top Tube
2023 Model

Kink BMX Whip 20"

20.5" Top Tube
2023 Model

Kink BMX Kicker 18"

2023 Model
18" Wheels

Kink BMX Carve 16"

2023 model
16"  Wheels

Kid's Bikes

Kink BMX Pump 14"

2023 Model
14" Wheels

Trek Precaliber 20"

2023 model
20"  Wheels

Give us a call to reserve your rental bike today.